Do you want to work with us? We have several opportunities available for you to make money working either full time or part-time with Real Time Pain Relief. Whatever program you end up choosing, Real Time Pain Relief will provide you with the necessary marketing tools to help your business grow.

The Real Time Pain Relief Sampling Program is latest opportunity. It is the most affordable way to launch your business with RTPR for less than $100. The sampling program is a multi-tiered affiliate marketing opportunity where most of your customers will be referred to your retail sales website that is designed for by RTPR. Of course you can sell to people directly, but if attending vendor events is not the thing for you then this is an awesome way to start your business with less commitment.

If you are really committed to making some serious cash flow, The Real Time Pain Relief Vendor Opportunity is the way to go. Success won’t happen overnight, but if you put the time and effort into your business, the customers will come because the product sells itself. Here you will buy products at true wholesale and sell them at retail at vendor events and other face to face interactions.

The benefits of both programs are the support that you get from the company and your sales team. There are NO MONTHLY AUTOSHIPS. You receive competitive payouts, bonuses, and promotions. RTPR provides you with websites to refer your retail customers to and opportunity sites to send people who are interested in the Sampler Program or the Vendor Opportunity.

To learn more about the Real Time Pain Relief Business Opportunities, please visit the sites below.

The Real Time Pain Relief Vendor Opportunity

The Real Time Pain Relief Sampling Program

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